Meet the Team: Michael Grand

Want to learn more about the team that makes up Paris Construction?

In this month’s article, we will be introducing you to Michael Grand, the current President of Paris Construction, and providing some details on his background, business philosophy, and his vision for Paris Construction for the future.

Early Education & Entrepreneurial Career

Michael Grand was born and raised in Alberta. He is a civil engineer by trade and went to school at the University of Alberta, before relocating to Ontario in 2017.

Norpoint Sandblasting & Paving LogoMike started working in the industrial and civil construction industry, before launching his entrepreneurial career in 2012, when he purchased Norpoint Sandblasting and Painting with his best friend, Steve Adams.

Mike and Steve were friends from high school. They were the best man at each other’s weddings and always shared the dream of starting a business together. After searching for the right opportunity for five years, they finally made the transition when they found Norpoint.

After their success with Norpoint, Mike and Steve decided that they wanted to bring their experience to Ontario and enter the largest construction market in Canada.

Taking the Opportunity with Paris Construction

When Mike and Steve discovered Paris Construction, they saw an immediate alignment with their goals and their values. The business had a tradition of serving the community and it was located in the centre of one of the fastest growing parts of the country.

With Mike’s experience in engineering and in running Norpoint, Mike and Steve thought this would be a great opportunity to expand across the country. In 2017, Mike purchased Paris Construction and Brant Asphalt Paving and moved to Ontario to run the business.

Business Philosophy

Mike’s goal with Paris Construction was to be more organized and more approachable in what can sometimes be an intimating industry. As a result, he decided to approach the construction market with a simple philosophy: quality work for fair pay.

At Paris Construction, Mike and his team focus on one simple idea: do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it. As much as it seems like a basic concept, this approach has proven very effective in growing loyalty and trust with their clients.


Another thing that has been important for Mike is proactive communication with his clients at Paris Construction. “Communicate early and often” is a bit of catchphrase for him. His long-term goal is to develop lasting and trusted relationships in the community, and communication has been the key to this process.

Mike and his team have found that communication is a great way to avoid arguments, manage expectations, and get ahead of problems. It is also the foundation for building trust with both team members and clients.

“It’s the golden rule,” Mike explains. “We want to treat to people the way we want to be treated. We have a standard of service we’re looking for and we want to live that standard out every day with our own customers and our team at Paris Construction.”

Team Focus

Mike strongly believes in the importance of treating his own team well. He is always making sure that the team has the tools they need to be safe and successful on the job.

“I truly believe you can’t be successful without a team,” Mike says. “Relationships are what makes your life rich and making sure your relationships with your team and your customers are strong is the lifeblood of a business. We have eleven staff today and we want to grow to over thirty staff in the next three years.”

One of Mike’s goals for Paris Construction is to be an employer of choice for both his team and their families, and this orientation will shape the business going forward.

The Future of Paris Construction

“Our goal for Paris Construction is to broaden how we help our clients and grow the business to become one of the largest privately-owned companies in municipal and industrial contracting in Southwestern Ontario,” Mike explains.

Mike and his team have found that they work well with commercial and industrial businesses that are looking to expand or relocate their facilities. Their team is well-positioned to assist these types of organizations with the challenges that they face as a result of expansion or relocation.

“These types of businesses are a great fit for our team at Paris Construction,” Mike says.

They also have the infrastructure in place to support properties that require periodic maintenance, such as condominium corporation or commercial leasing facilities.

If you’d like to learn more about Mike and the rest of the Paris Construction team, you can contact them here.

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