Do you have potholes in your business’s parking lot? Are your employees and clients complaining about dodging holes in the road?

Potholes are a major hazard to drivers in Canada, capable of causing damage to suspension, wheels, and, in some cases, flat tires. If you’re concerned about liability risks from potholes on your property, or you simply want to create a better impression for your customers, it’s important to repair potholes as soon as they become a problem.

At Brant Asphalt Paving, our experienced team provides a wide range of asphalt paving services, including pothole repairs. Contact us for a free quote for pothole repairs or parking lot resurfacing for your facility.

How Potholes Are Formed

Potholes are caused by damage to the underlying structure of an asphalt road, driveway, or parking lot, which causes the asphalt to buckle and crack under pressure from passing traffic.

Weight of Vehicles

When the weight of a vehicle drives over the weakened asphalt surface, the pressure of the wheels will cause the surface to crack and cave into the depression created by the thaw. This is how the pothole is initially formed.

Potholes may also develop more gradually from cracking in an asphalt surface. Asphalt cracking is typically caused by similar factors, such as a weakened sub-base, improper drainage, or heavy traffic in the area.

Water in Underlying Soil

The first stage in pothole formation is water infiltrating the underlying soil and sub-base structure of the asphalt surface. This seepage is typically caused by improper drainage systems.

As moisture accumulates in the soil, it will cause the area to expand and contract during freeze-thaw periods in the late fall or early spring. The initial freeze will push the pavement up and may crack the surface, while later thaws will leave a space between the pavement surface and the sub-base.

Repair the potholes on your property before they create problems.