Do you have issues with your property’s gravel drives or roadways? If your gravel surfaces are suffering from poor drainage, erosion, or washboarding, it may be necessary to regrade these areas to prevent incidents or damage to your property.

At Paris Construction, our experienced team specialises in providing property maintenance services for small to medium businesses in Southern Ontario, including surface grading. Our in-house experts will work within your budget and develop a plan to resolve issues with grading on your property.

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Common Issues Requiring Surface Grading

There are a number of common problems that may require surface grading to resolve. These will commonly arise with aggregate surfaces — gravel in particular.


If you experience a large amount of precipitation, erosion can become a problem over time. The shoulders of a drive or roadway can be washed out by stormwater and it may be necessary to regrade your roadway to prevent further damage and reduce the risk of accidents.


Washboarding, or corrugation, refers to ripple-shaped bumps that will appear on the surface of gravel drives or roads as a result of heavy traffic. These bumps will run perpendicular to the direction of the traffic, resembling small speed bumps.

While most instances of washboarding are simply uncomfortable for visitors, extreme cases can cause damage to a vehicle’s suspension or cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle. It is important to address cases of corrugation early by re-grading the roadway surface and removing the washboard.

Poor Drainage

Proper grading is essential for reliable drainage. If surfaces are not sloped correctly, standing water will accumulate in unwanted locations. Improper grading can also lead to problems with asphalt pavement, if water saturates the sub-base layer, causing it to require resurfacing or replacement.

Silting in Ditches

Heavy precipitation in areas with loose soil can cause silt to accumulate in drainage ditches. Silting can prevent your stormwater management system from functioning as intended and it may be necessary to manually remove silt and re-grade ditches to resolve the issue.

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