Do you have trouble with flooding or standing water on your business’s property? Have you found collapsed or silted up catch basins, that are not draining correctly?

As a business, it is essential to construct proper water management systems in order to prevent flooding and reduce standing water on your property. Standing water can be damaging to paved, aggregate, or landscaped surfaces, and frequently causes problems that will require repairs or replacements.

At Paris Construction, our team of experts will find a solution that takes your budget and your property’s requirements into account. We can help you reduce the risk of damages from stormwater and ensure proper drainage for your facilities.

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Basic Features & Services | Stormwater Management

A comprehensive stormwater management system for your business can include a range of different features, depending on the specific characteristics of your property. A plan for stormwater management may also include additional maintenance services, which can be provided on an as-needed basis or included with an annual service plan.

Common features and services provided as part of a stormwater management plan will include:

Catch Basin Repair

In some cases, the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle can cause the side walls of a catch basin to collapse, particularly if the basin is on a road that is subject to heavy traffic. A catch basin collapse may create potholes, or cause more serious damage to the surrounding area, but it can be repaired by strengthening the foundations to prevent future issues.

Dry Well Installation

Dry wells are an alternative method for reducing standing water, which may be used in parking lots or other large paved spaces. A dry well is similar to a catch basin, but not connected to a storm sewer system. It collects water in a holding well, which will slowly disperse into the surrounding ground.

Catch Basin Installation

Catch basins or storm sewer grates are found along the edges of roads or parking lots, next to the curb. Catch basins will connect to a storm sewer or other water management systems to divert excess stormwater and prevent it from accumulating on pavement.

Whenever constructing a major parking lot or roadway, it is recommended to install catch basins at strategic locations to address problems with standing water.

Catch Basin Cleaning

It is common for silt to build up in catch basins over time, as items are carried into the grate by rainwater. However, if this buildup blocks the catch basin connection to the sewer, it can cause flooding in the surrounding area. At this stage, it is necessary to remove the silt by flushing the catch basin with high pressure water.

Holding Pond

If your property has the space available, we may recommend the construction of holding ponds or retention basins to divert stormwater into areas where they can be stored naturally. Holding ponds are designed to prevent flooding from stormwater runoff and reduce the negative impact of stormwater on natural bodies of water, such as rivers, streams, or lakes.

Storm Sewer System | Construction & Installation

If you are in the process of constructing a new facility or adding an extension to an existing facility, it is important to include a full sewer system that will be capable of handling expected stormwater on your property.

At Paris Construction, our team of experts can help you find a complete solution for stormwater management. The scope of your storm sewer system can be tailored to fit your budget and your specific requirements.

The construction and installation process for storm sewers may include:

  • Design of a stormwater management plan
  • Laser-guided surface grading to ensure correct water flow
  • Construction of catch basins and dry wells
  • Installation of underground water pipes
  • Construction of ditching
  • Formation of holding ponds or retention basins

When planning a storm sewer system, our trained professionals will take a solution-driven approach and focus on finding effective ways to address both current and anticipated issues. We will ensure that your storm sewer is a long-term water management solution for your business.

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