Granular materials, or aggregates, are a crucial component of many construction projects, from laying the foundations for new buildings to providing base or sub-base layers for paving work. If you are looking for affordable granular materials or assistance installing them as part of a project, we can help you.

Paris Construction maintains close partnerships with local aggregate producers which allows us to supply businesses with a variety of granular materials. Available products include sand, gravel, crushed stone, recycled crushed asphalt (RCA), and more. Contact us for a quote on bulk ordering granular materials.

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Common Applications | Granular Materials

Site Preparation & Development

If you are lacking space on your property, it may be necessary to build extra parking lots or storage yards.

Installing granular materials is a simple way to increase your square footage of useable property, offering a reliable surface for parking your fleet of vehicles or holding inventory.

Alternately, installing granular materials can help provide the foundation for the construction of an expansion or addition to your current facility. If you are looking for cleanup and site preparation as part of a new build, we can help.

Granular Base & Sub-Base

Granular materials are commonly used as base or sub-base layers in a variety of construction applications, specifically as support for both asphalt and concrete pavement.

Using granular materials as a base will provide pavement with added stability, allow for improved drainage, and help protect the surface from the worst effects of frost.

Paris Construction is your top source for affordable and high-quality granular materials in Southern Ontario.

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