Spring Tips for Asphalt Maintenance

After a long Ontario winter, spring is the perfect time for property managers to take stock of their site and assess its current condition.

When reviewing the condition of parking lots and roadways in the spring, you may find debris, damage, or issues with drainage. These situations may require specific repairs or general asphalt maintenance to fix.

At Paris Construction & Brant Asphalt Paving, we recommend asphalt maintenance as a key component of spring cleaning for property managers. Our property maintenance services include annual plans for flushing catch basins, repairing asphalt cracks, and other damages.

Here are some of our top spring tips for asphalt maintenance in Ontario:

1. Clear Winter Debris

When the winter is over, you will likely find a large amount of debris leftover on your property and in your stormwater systems. This debris may include dead leaves, branches and twigs, and road salt and gravel.

It is important to clear snow debris in the spring to reduce its impact on your pavement and ensure it does not clog up your stormwater management systems.

2. Flush Catch Basins

After clearing up winter debris, you will want to flush the catch basins in your parking lot. Catch basins will often get silted up by road salt, gravel, and other snow debris, and this can prevent your parking lot from getting proper drainage.

Catch basin flushing requires a high pressure water source and is best performed by a professional. Our team of experts can provide flushing for catch basins as part of our annual maintenance plans. Learn more about catch basin flushing and other stormwater management practices here.

3. Fix Asphalt Cracks & Other Damages

If you have left a large snow pile or heavy equipment sitting on a specific part of your lot, it may cause damage to your asphalt over the course of the winter. The regular passage of vehicles, especially ploughs, can also cause damage.

It is very important to repair any asphalt cracks that you notice on your property in the spring. If left untreated, asphalt cracks may develop into potholes or other problems that will require significant and expensive repairs.

You should also look for damages to concrete stairwells, curbs, and water valves — these areas may be damaged by winter ploughs catching on protruding objects while clearing snow. These types of damage may be a liability concern on your property.

4. Repair Water Breaks

Underground pipes will sometimes freeze and break during the winter.

Burst or leaking water mains and fire mains can cause major damage to asphalt paving. It is essential to repair these breaks in the spring in order to avoid future damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to commonly asked questions related to spring maintenance!

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Leave a comment below to let us know.

How early can you lay asphalt?

Generally we will wait until late May to lay asphalt in Ontario. The Victoria Day long weekend is usually a good benchmark, although we may start earlier in some years.

Laying asphalt is very similar to planting — you need to wait for the frost to be out of the ground first to ensure that the surface will not shift due to expansion or contraction. If you lay asphalt too early, it may crack and this can lead to future problems with potholes and poor drainage.

Why is my catch basin not draining properly?

If your catch basin is not draining properly, it is likely to be caused by either:

  1. A buildup of silt in your catch basin
  2. A collapsed wall of your catch basin

If you have a silted catch basin, this can be resolved by flushing the catch basin with high pressure water. If your catch basin has collapsed, it will require repairs to both the catch basin foundations and the surrounding asphalt surface.

Why is there a puddle in my parking lot?

If there is a puddle of standing water in your parking lot, this may indicate an issue with your drainage system. The source of the problem may be silted or collapsed catch basins, settling or depressions in your asphalt, or improper drainage systems.

If proper surface grading is not provided for parking lots, the asphalt paving can expand and contract during the freeze-thaw cycle in the winter. This may lead to settling or depressions in your lot in as little as one year following construction.

Looking for help with spring maintenance for your commercial property? Contact our team to get a quote today.

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